What Street did YOU grow up on?

For most, at the mention of your childhood street, you are instantly transformed past the busyness of the office and the stresses of life, and taken back to whimsical memories and stories of your childhood.

I grew up on Bell street in a small North Jersey town with my hard working, Haitian immigrant parents and 4 siblings. Out of the five kids, I was the youngest. Some of My favorite memories were riding bikes with my neighbor’s granddaughter, watching the commuter train go by, making mud pies in my yard and summers visits from my Canadian relatives.

My husband spent the majority of his tender years growing up on a city street named Stockton in central New Jersey. There, he played a game called bumperpool, as well as good old freeze tag. He hung out with his friends and enjoyed time with his parents and 5 siblings. Ironically, both my husband and I are child #5 in our families!

Everyone grew up somewhere! Everyone has a story and whether it was for a moment or for a lifetime, we all had a place where we felt safe, where we felt loved, and where we laughed and enjoyed life.

At Bell & Stockton, LLC

We know good times will happen, and that bad times will too. The need for a move comes for many reasons. We want to be there for you for years to come as your story evolves and continues.

Where are YOU going? Where would YOU like to be? What street would YOU like to live on now?

Hire Bell & Stockton, LLC to manage the process of getting you to your next favorite place in life!

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